About the Author

I began racing bikes when a friend in High School told me about the State Mountain Bike Championships the next weekend.  I made sure to get my bike ready, cleaned it and installed a new chain.  Turns out my old chain had been stretched and much to my dismay I spent the entire race with my chain skipping over the gears.  I don’t even know where I placed anymore, but I was hooked.

The Author

I spent the winter after High School locked in my bedroom at my Mom’s house after work riding my used (new to me) $40 trainer, sometimes for hours at a time.  With the guidance of the Cyclists Training Bible (2nd ed) and as a groupie of the CU Cycling team, I went out and won my first race (Cat 5, Stazio Criterium).  Again hooked, I took cycling far too seriously and rode my bike enough to earn myself a spot on the Nationals Team for CU.

While I finished 14th at the 2001 Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships Short Track XC, I also earned myself academic probation from school.  After that I met my future wife who did not ride a bike.  These were my dark days of cycling.

I drove to work.  I got fat.

Then in 2009 I got my road bike out again.  I raced a Cat 4 road race in April 2009 on a one-day license and was dropped less than 10 miles in.  At the end of last road season I earned the points to re-upgrade to Cat 3.  At the end of Cyclocross season, I upgraded to Cat 2 for Cyclocross.

I had a tremendous start to 2010 in Cat 3 and after many podium finishes and two wins I was upgraded to Cat 2.  My goal going into the 2011 season, my first full season as a Cat 2, was to work my way toward a Cat 1 upgrade.

2011′s road season has been a complete success and I earned my Cat 1 in July 2011!

Contact / Email: hardingr at cunap dot com

4 Responses to About the Author

  1. Larsen Schindler says:

    Thanks for sharing your training insights and good luck in the 2011 season.
    All the best,

  2. Jamey says:


    Enjoy reading your blog as I just made the jump to cat 2 last year as a 42 year old Texan with 5 years of racing under his belt. The upgrade was elusive given a limited race schedule and balancing family and job responsibilities. Based on this would enjoy your blogging perspective on how you are balacing your family and parenting responsibilities and the challenges you are working through. Also would like to get more on how P12 team strategy is impacting your racing – for example getting nominated to be the sacrificial lamb and kill it early given your neo 2 status and how this makes it harder to hang on/recover and get an individual result. I get to Boulder occasionally so perhaps I will bump into you on a ride someday.


  3. Kelly says:


    I raced with your teammate Brendan Billingsley last Sunday in the Mead Roubaix and was telling him how much I’ve been enjoying your blog. In a sport with so much ego and equipment hype it is refreshing to get a perspective from someone who is honest, upfront, and analytical. Right now I’m on my own ‘Road to Cat 3′ and being that I’m self coached as well, your blog has been a source for inspiration and information. Thanks for putting it all out there and I hope you have a great season.


  4. says:

    You are an inspiration Russel, totally. I love reading your blog and look forward to your posts everyday. I find you very honest and humble. The information is a great resource. Don’t change and keep up the good work!

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