If you’ve been wondering why the blog was so slow lately, it turns out I hit the offseason a little quicker than I expected.  I cut my hand badly and couldn’t race for a weekend. Before I knew it I was enjoying the benefits of not riding, eating a lot, gaining weight, drinking alcohol and spending more time with my family.

I want to race two more cyclocross races, but only for ‘fun’.  It takes me a little time away to adjust my expectations from ‘trying to win’ to ‘fun’, so I’ll probably take a few more weeks off and then race and finish with the State Championships.  I’ve really enjoyed cross this year but I didn’t quite have the super-form that would have motivated me to race seriously through the end of the season.

I’ve also been busy with the logistics of road season, which has helped re-align my focus towards next year.  I’d prefer to have fallen off the cyclocross wagon a few weeks later, but I’m going to try to remain flexible and find some offseason exercise to stay fit until I really start training in about a month.

This is the time of year where I’ll be looking at solidifying my goals for next year so I can start building my training plan around them.  I’ll be crosstraining and for the first time, I’m going to the gym for some weight lifting.  I’ve been telling myself for years that I’m going to start but this year I am committed to adding weight lifting to my training.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some offseason updates and some final thoughts about cyclocross.

About Russell

I have been racing bicycles for a decade. This blog will chronicle my efforts as a Category 1 road racer lining up with the pros.
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3 Responses to Offseason

  1. Nate says:

    Hey Russell,

    I’d be curious to know more about your plans for the weight room, such as the type of exercises and how many days a week you lift. I’ve been keeping up with your posts for some time now, very enjoyable!

    • says:

      Thanks, I’ll keep you updated.

    • says:


      I am a big fan of this blog as well. I already shared my experiences with weight lifting and core strength with Russell. You can find more info on my blog (Part 2 is coming soon as well.) In general I lift 2 days in the week for (Tuesday and Friday)
      Core strength:
      Weight training:

      Best of luck with your (off-)season!


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