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Weekly Update

This spring I’ve gotten a new job, and starting about 8 weeks ago, a new schedule at work.  It takes me a while to get used to a new schedule and now that I’ve had a full rotation of shifts … Continue reading

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Time Trial Positions

The most important factor in time trialing is aerodynamics.  At 30 mph, about 90% of a racer’s effort is used to overcome wind resistance!  The rider’s body makes the majority of this, at about 70% of the overall drag.  Ergo, … Continue reading

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Haystack Time Trial

One of the things that I try to accomplish with my blog and twitter feed is honesty and transparency.  Usually I do a pretty good job of this, but I have to admit that something happened last week that I … Continue reading

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Advanced Paceline Technique

Last race’s long breakaway got me thinking about some of the techniques used when riding in a small group.  I am also racing a Team Time Trial this weekend where some of these techniques will be applicable. The basic version … Continue reading

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Federal Center Circuit Race

After a couple disappointing outings in my first two races of the year, my wife and I had a long chat about strategy.  I sometimes joke she is my ‘coach’, especially when she tells me what to do and I … Continue reading

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Boulder Roubaix

Last weekend, I knew I was fatigued from high training load for my first race of the season at the Louisville Crit.  My result there was neutral; not good, but not bad.  After last season, where I was positively surprised … Continue reading

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Course Preview – Boulder Roubaix

I attempted to ride the Boulder Roubaix course yesterday to give everyone a current preview of course conditions, although I was flummoxed by wet weather.  I did the race in 2010 (as a Cat 3) and I train on the … Continue reading

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Louisville Criterium

This would be my first race of the season. It was also my first race since breaking my collarbone at the USGP in October 2011, almost six months ago.  I didn’t know entirely what to expect, since I haven’t even … Continue reading

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