Local Doping Bust – Todd Robertson

I’m not a very ‘in the know’ guy, but I actually heard this name last summer.  The broke this afternoon and I wanted to take a quick moment to get on my soapbox.

First, there are a few answers in this interview from 2009 (Questions 6 and 10). He references doping twice in his interview, including Michael Rasmussen, who was kicked out of the 2007 TdF.  Rasmussen violated strict whereabouts reporting as required for pro cyclists to be available for random out of competition drug testing.

Speaking of random out of competition testing, which is said to have nabbed Robertson: From following the news over the years, I can tell you that USADA spends its amateur anti-doping dollars very carefully and doesn’t seem to perform testing on amateurs without thinking that the efforts will bare fruit.  It seems that when there is evidence someone may be doping, the testers show up.

I’ve spoken on the topic a time or two before, but in contrast to Robertson’s half joking doping references, I will directly approach the subject of doping and cheating.  I don’t dope.  I don’t take any vitamins or supplements.  I eat food, drink coffee, eat Clif products, and my own recovery drink.  Doping is a constant drag on cycling as a sport.  I realize the constant bad press is an unfortunate side effect of continued anti-doping efforts, but the bad news is necessary to help stigmatize practices which some people seem to think are OK.

I want to take a stand against doping and be an example of what someone can achieve with hard work and dedication.  The of world class professionals are helping change the culture for the better as well.  Hopefully this recent bad news will continue to show that cycling won’t tolerate dopers at any level of the sport.

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I have been racing bicycles for a decade. This blog will chronicle my efforts as a Category 1 road racer lining up with the pros.
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9 Responses to Local Doping Bust – Todd Robertson

  1. says:

    I was talking with the local shop owner about doping – he said he figured the last honest cyclist was Greg LeMond. Next time the topic comes up, I’m dropping your name. The pros need more guys like you.

    • says:

      Thank You.

      I do believe that things have greatly improved in the past few years. The era of an incredibly effective drug (EPO) and no test for it (1987-2002) is obviously questionable. There is evidence this is improving, however.

      Here is a chart: (originally from the blog), and referenced in one of my old posts The Lance Issue – Check those posts for a full description, but is shows blood values returning to normal with current anti-doping efforts.

  2. Steve says:

    Wow. USADA busted a 49 year old. Tax dollars well spent! In fact, I’m gonna send them a little bonus since it’s improved my life so much! Wait….what team was this guy racing for? Was it Protour or Continental.

    • says:

      A fair counterpoint.

      I think that USADA (a non-government entity funded mostly by US Government (75% Feds, 25% USOC) probably didn’t spend too much of its $13 million budget on this, and I think the message sent is money well spent.

  3. recon455 says:

    Cached page of the interview:

  4. recon455 says:

    The interview was taken down. Here is a cached page:

  5. kenny says:

    what a disgusting individual todd “the doper” robertson

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