Weekly Update

Ok folks, my life is finally starting to settle down a tiny bit.  I know the posting frequency has decreased, but I am going to keep things as steady as possible with at least a post or two per week for the time being.

My new job has settled down and I have a regular schedule again.  It’s not quite as good as my old schedule, but I’ll at least have predictable times to plan to ride.  Overall I did pretty well the last three weeks; I had planned roughly 10,11, and 12 hour weeks, and I completed 9.5, 7 (ouch), and 10 hours.  All things considered I feel like I handled the adversity well and still increased my fitness.  With the decreased hours, I added more tempo riding, and even some Sweet Spot (high tempo, 90% FTP) to make up for the decreased volume.

I’m feeling pretty good on the bike and feel like I’ve gotten my endurance back.  Today I rode with a slower teammate, and averaged about 10% lower power than usual.  Over the 4.5 hour ride I felt quite good and had almost no HR drift (about 1%).  Also, my HR/Power graphs have become increasingly shifted, indicating my FTP is increasing:

HR + Power graphs - 4 hour ride in late December

HR + Power Graphs - 4 hour ride in late January

My plans for the season are coming along well. I’ve been on the TT bike about once per week, and just put in my order for a proper TT frame. I’m not sure on delivery date, but I’m really excited to get it and show how fast I can really go.  I probably won’t have it by the Frostbite TT, which is the first race of the season (in Colorado) at the end of February.  Either way, the race will be an interesting guage of my fitness and I’m looking forward to it.

About Russell

I have been racing bicycles for a decade. This blog will chronicle my efforts as a Category 1 road racer lining up with the pros.
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