Top Posts of 2011

In case you missed any good reading this year, I will link and summarize my most viewed posts of 2011.  Readership on the blog ballooned in April, and a few of these posts are before then, so perhaps you missed them.  I will also include a few posts from prior to 2011, which still ranked at the top of the page view list.

All Time Top Posts:

Flagstaff Climb Page (June 2010) – This page profiles one of the hardest, most easily accessible climbs in Boulder, Flagstaff.

Threshold Power Estimation Test (May 2010) – This post details my experience using what Joe Friel termed his “FTP Confirmation Test” on his blog.  I’ve found it to be a reliable method to test FTP during the off season without undue fatigue.

Lookout Mountain Hill Climb Race Report (May 2010) – This race report is one of the first posts on this blog (Then titled The Road to Cat 2).  Lookout Mountain is probably the most ridden climb in the Denver area, and the annual race is a good test of fitness, even if it only takes 20 minutes.

Tubeless for Cyclocross (October 2010) – This technical post describes my path to success with a tubeless conversion for cyclocross racing. I found that a reliable setup giving a distinct advantage over clinchers can be found with patience and the right tire/rim combination.

Top Posts of 2011:

New Training Wheels: Rol Race SLR Custom (January 2011) – I wrote this post when I was very excited to have a nice new pair of wheels to get me through the year. I put 4813 miles on these wheels and haven’t touched a spoke yet. I also won a race (a minor training race) using them.

Dream Bike – Blue AC1 SL (August 2011) – This was, and still is, a big deal for me. I’ve always had substandard equipment and to finally have a top of the line race bike has been a major source of pride.

2011 Annual Training Plan (January 2011) – In this post I detailed my goals for 2011, and my plan for getting there. I stuck closely to the plan through May, and after I was seeing results I was basically racing to stay in shape throughout the rest of the season.

Cycling Recovery Drink (April 2011) – This popular post describes how I make my own recovery drink. I save money and also get exactly the nutrition I’m looking for with this recipe.

About Russell

I have been racing bicycles for a decade. This blog will chronicle my efforts as a Category 2 road racer and lining up with the PROs.
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