Wednesday Weekly Update

It has been a slow week on the blog, but it is because I’ve been exceptionally busy at home.

Trainer Time

If you follow my TrainingPeaks training archive (link on the right menu) you may have noticed I’ve been getting my workouts online.  They’re nothing fantastic, but they are all I can do to keep some fitness.  I’ve slowly worked up to an hour session.  I’ve gotten my arm on the bars most of the time, but still with most of the weight off of it.  For the next week I’ll be working on more time (hopefully to 90 minutes) and bearing weight on my arm to prepare to hit the road the following week.  I even had enough extra shorts that I now have a custom lopsided pair of bibs to ride in.

I was reminded of my goals by Craig Ritchey’s recent in Cyclocross Magazine.  He described race form as a bathtub.  The water in the tub is fitness, which is filled by quality training.  There can be cracks in the tub from fatigue, nagging injuries, or worse.  In my case my tub is pretty much broken and I won’t make a lot of progress trying to dump water into it until it gets patched up.

I still made it into one of Lyne's photos...

I took some time this weekend to visit the last UCI races coming to Colorado for the season.  I was really looking forward to racing both days but was happy to spectate instead.  The Colorado Cross Classic was pretty fun but the baby wasn’t too happy since the Men’s race was a little past his late-afternoon nap time.  We did find ourselves in a photo from ‘s always excellent coverage from the start of the Women’s race.

I was most impressed by the Boulder Cup at the Valmont Bike Park.  The race course looked fun (and was reported to be incredible) and I really missed not being able to race there.  The crowd was huge and I had a very good result in a local race at the bike park, finishing on the podium six weeks ago.  Next year I’m sure the race will be back and all indications are it will be better than ever.

I also came down with the worst GI bug I’ve ever had over the weekend.  It was a miserable 5 hours and it took almost 36 hours for me to get rehydrated.  This not only put a dent in my trainer plan, but since my wife came down with it a few days later I also had a heavy childcare load.  It was my first day with the baby for an entire day since I got hurt and it was pretty tiring wrangling and carrying my 22 lb baby with only my right arm.  On a positive note, I usually am home three days per week with him and my wife was able to see me work my magic for once.

About Russell

I have been racing bicycles for a decade. This blog will chronicle my efforts as a Category 2 road racer and lining up with the PROs.
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