Wednesday Weekly Update

I know its Thursday (again), but you got an extra post earlier in the week, so no complaining, alright?

This is my last big week before I start tapering for Gila.  I had a five hour ride scheduled for today, and in fact I was excited to ride a hard 100 mile loop with over 8000′ of climbing.  Unfortunately that was interrupted by a few inches of snow which fell overnight in town.  I’m sure the mountains got even more.  Update: The mountain town of Nederland along my planned route got 14 inches of snow.  When my alarm went off at 8am (Remember, I get home from work at 3am) I saw a few inches of snow on the ground and went back to sleep.  I was prepared for a long day in the rain, but with a temperature of 33 degress and snow still falling, I wasn’t that committed.

Instead I left the house at 10:30 and rode until 2.  The weather started miserably with wet roads and near-freezing temperatures, but the clouds has cleared after a couple hours.  I rode a little harder than I planned to compensate for the shorter ride.  If you’ve been following me on Twitter, I’ve mentioned a couple times.  It is a GPS mapping website with leaderboards for climbs and routes.  It has a clean interface and is very easy to use.  I rode four laps of the famous course and set a few top records, including the notorious climb, “The Wall”.

I’m feeling pretty fatigued at the moment, but that is exactly the idea.  I’m racing three times this weekend as well.  First up is the Haystack Time Trial on Saturday.  It is a 16 mile course with some gradual climbing and a fast, 45+ mph descent.  A few hours later I’m racing the Team Time Trial.  This should be a very fun event and a chance to prove our ability as a team.  I’ll be racing with a few noteworthy teammates including Alan McCormack, who raced the TTT World Championships waay back in the late 70′s.

I should be good and tired by Sunday when I’ll be racing a 68 mile Road race at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  The six laps will each feature almost 1000′ of climbing, with semi-gentle grades up to about 5%.  This will be good preparation for the stresses I’ll face at the five day Tour of the Gila.

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I have been racing bicycles for a decade. This blog will chronicle my efforts as a Category 1 road racer lining up with the pros.
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