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Base 1 Training Recap

I just finished my first training cycle today and thought I would give some details of how it went.  The Cyclist’s Training Bible Calls this phase “Base 1″, indicating it is the first phase of ‘base’ training, which focuses primarily … Continue reading

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Okay, so it wasn’t technically training, but it involved riding a bike (sort of) so I figured I’d give it a shot.  Goldsprints describes a particular type of roller racing which usually includes the use of fork stands.  The races … Continue reading

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The Endurance Ride

I thought I’d offer a little more detail on what specifically is an ‘endurance ride’.  This makes up about 60% of my training hours this time of year.  It is meant to stress my aerobic system (cardiovascular and metabolic).  The … Continue reading

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The Self Coached Athelete

I have to admit I am biased, as I have never had a coach.  I know one can go very far in the sport of cycling using only intuition and knowledge gained through reading and research;  Heather Irmiger (Multiple US … Continue reading

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How to use Friel’s Zones with PowerAgent

I haven’t been able to find my comfort zone yet to use TrainingPeaks for all my workout planning and data collection.  If I could use WKO+, this would probably be my one-stop-shop, but it is windows only.  One problem I … Continue reading

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Time Trial Bike

One of my goals I mentioned earlier was to build a time trial bike I could ride regularly, to accustom myself to the position and improve my performance in races.  Obviously, a purpose built time trial bike would be ideal.  … Continue reading

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Indoor Training

There are varying opinions on the necessity of indoor training.  Some say that every hour on the trainer is a year off your life, and that if it is too cold to ride you should be cross training, or you … Continue reading

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2011 Annual Traning Plan

In case you haven’t noticed, I am a believer in Joe Friel’s “old” training methods.  For one, they have worked for me in the past.  But, there are many philosophies for cycling training.  Supposedly when Eddy Merckx, likely the greatest … Continue reading

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2011 Season Goals

After a successful 2010 season, it is time to start planning for 2011, and the first step is goal setting.  I completed my two biggest goals for 2010: Upgrade to Cat 2 and Win a Cat 3 race.  The third … Continue reading

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New Training Wheels: Rol Race SLR Custom

If you study every picture in my blog carefully, and have attention to detail, you may have noticed that my road wheels are unmatched. It has been said, the art of looking PRO is to be Casually Deliberate.  To paraphrase: … Continue reading

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