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The Blog Year in Review

I am going to publish some data about the readership of the blog and some details about the back end.  This may be of some interest to those of you who write your own blog, or have thought about doing … Continue reading

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2010 Data in Review

I am in the early stages of planning for 2011, and one of the key things to look at is my performance in 2010.  I am using every tool available to me to try to figure out what worked.  I … Continue reading

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Boulder CX #5

I have been acting like it is the off season.  And it is.  But, I can’t get enough of racing!  I know my wife is about to throttle me after all this racing, but I’ve been riding the wave of … Continue reading

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DXA Body Composition

There are a many ways to measure basic body composition, and I have used a few over the years.  Calipers are quite simple, accurate, and often free.  I was calipered once at 24 hour fitness as part of a free … Continue reading

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Off Season

I started regular training for the 2010 season on Feb 1. After CX States, I am officially finished for the season. I haven’t ridden my road bike but a couple times in the past three months, but I’ll try to … Continue reading

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I made it out to pre-ride the course the day prior, and since I didn’t have the time at home to arrive for the course inspection over two hours before my race, I opted to ride out to the race …

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I had meant to bring my GPS so I could put the course profile up on the blog, but I forgot it.  I also meant to take some pictures with my camera, but I forgot the settings were on ‘manual’ …

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Chuck Coyle Commentary Followup

I wish I didn’t have to devote so much space on the blog for this topic, but as I said earlier, it has affected me quite a bit and I find myself thinking about it often. I am constantly reminded … Continue reading

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