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Chuck Coyle Commentary Roundup

When the news broke, as I wrote in last Wednesday’s weekly update, I really didn’t know what to think.  Like many others, I spent a lot of time reading all the official news reports that I could find, and reloading … Continue reading

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Boulder CX #4

I decided to take Saturday off to rest, and arrived at the new venue in Westminster without any systemic symptoms, but with a gnarly hoarse throat.  The course was a bit of a power course.  It featured two semi technical … Continue reading

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On Sunday I came down with a cold.  Not a bad one, but some body aches for a couple days, which has now moved into my throat, leaving persistent phlegm, a hoarse voice, and the occasional tickley cough.  I haven’t … Continue reading

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Wednesday Weekly Update

The more I look at last year compared to this year, the more I see history repeating.  Last season really took a nosedive following the last upgrade points I earned on Nov 14.  After that followed my only DNF, my … Continue reading

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I had to work before and after this race, and just barely had enough time to make it work.  I got a decent 6 hours sleep for the night and started getting ready for the race.  The race is a …

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It’s The Pits

One of the things which differentiates cyclocross from other forms of racing is the pits.  In road racing a PRO will have a few team cars following with spare equipment/bikes, etc; an amateur may have a neutral follow vehicle for … Continue reading

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After a busy weekend of racing, I put down the bike for a couple days and continued my ‘nose to the grindstone’ training plan:  Do nothing except race both days on the weekend and Wednesday Worlds.  I am not sure …

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USGP – New Belgium Cup

Saturday – Men Cat 2/3 If you follow my twitter, you know that I work Friday nights until 3am.  This is not usually a problem, since my races are usually nearby, and usually start around noon or later.  There are … Continue reading

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Wednesday Weekly Update

I never got around to writing a race report from Sunday’s Castle Cross, but: The venue was OK, the course was really fun, the weather was variable (from nice to cold + windy) and I raced well finishing 6th again.  … Continue reading

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I was a bit disappointed after my last race. Not only did I break my bike and finish poorly, I felt really gassed at the race and wasn’t making up the ground I was hoping to as I chased back …

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